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Event and Player Registration Page

To register simply click on the 'Register Now' links below. Scroll down to find all open events.

You will use your existing Sunnyvale Alliance account information from Spring 2020 and Fall 2019 (not the new registration system for Fall 2020). You can come back and register for additional events at any time. You can also log into your member account via the button on the upper right to see what you are currently registered for, to see your receipts, or update your payment information.

Please remember due to Covid 19 county health restrictions:

1) Registration is not a guarantee for participation. Due to Santa Clara County Guidelines and limited coaching staff, it is possible we will not be able to form an appropriate group for your child. We will notify you by the Friday prior to the start of camp whether your child will be part of the camp.

2) Children may not move from one program to another more often than every 3 weeks. This means that, for instance, if a child attends a week-long summer camp program, that child is not allowed to attend another summer camp or childcare program for two more weeks. It also means that children cannot attend two camps simultaneously, or attend a summer camp and also another kind of recreational group or childcare program.
Summer 2020 Camp Registration Links
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